Hannes Hus

South Living Room

When visiting Hannes House you enter through the south door into the south entry ("Synderfrankel"). To the right you enter the south living room ("synderdånsk"). 
In the middle of the inner wall stands the oven-box (“bilægger”). The heat comes from the wood fired stove in the kitchen.  

Of all the bed alcoves, "tætsenge", as they are called on Fanø, the warmest is on the left of the stove and is still made up with the original bed linen from the last time it was used.

Opposite the stove on the window wall and the two others walls are the typical Dutch tiles which are to be seen in all Fanø homes. Their function has been to reflect warmth from the stove out into the room.

From the south livingroom is a door into a bedroom and to the north livingroom, which was used by Karen as a sewing room. There is a door from this room into a very tiny bedroom. A part of this room must have been a bed alcove with a door into the northern livingroom. In the floor of this tiny bedroom is a trapdoor to an underfloor space, where amongst other things the fine sand for the floor was kept.

Kitchen and larder

Baking oven and "gruekeddel"
In the kitchen, which was very finely painted at the start of the 19th century, one can see all the kitchen utensils, copper kettles, bowls and jugs, which were necessary for housekeeping at that time. Lots of the china and pottery items are from England and can be recognised in Exners famous painting "A reprimand". A reproduction of this painting with the artists dedication to Hanne can be seen in the livingroom.

Among the utensils on the wall is a boiled sweet tong, which Hanne, who was famous for her Fanø sweets, used to make "skellebasser" as they were known among the village children.

A little basket hangs on the ceiling beam, which was used when Hanne or her daughters went to Nordby on a shopping trip. There is now a cooking range on the original hearth. The warm ashes from the hearth were put through the trapdoor in the back of the hearth, into the oven in the living room.

At the side of this well equipped kitchen is a larder and a scullery, where you find a bricked wooden-fired washing tup ("gruekeddel") and a baking oven.

Plan of Hannes Hus

Plan of Hannes House
The living room ("synderdånsk") is heated by a cast iron oven ("bilægger") that is fired in a wooden-fired stove ("komfur") in the kitchen.

In the scullery to the west of the kitchen there is another fireplace to heat the baking oven and the wash tub ("gruekeddel"). 

The bed ("tætseng") is placed in the warm room between the stove and the baking oven. 

The Stable

From the scullery you go into the stable. In the winter the milking sheep were kept here. There are a number of wooden mixing bowls from Russia hanging on the wall in the stable. The little garden at the west facing gable is, as is customary in the village, surrounded by a seaweed dike and boxthorn.

Fonden Gamle Sønderho, Landevejen 98 
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