Hannes Hus

Hanne Sørensen

Hanne Sørensen became a widow at the age of 34, when her husband Poul Thomsen Sørensen disapeared with his ship on a trip to Iceland. A photo of the ship has the place of honour on the tiled wall in the south livingroom. On the opposite wall amongst some rather special things are photos of Hanne and her husband.

In these modest surroundings Widow Hanne Sørensen lived with her son Hans and her two daughters Karen and Maren.

Hannes house is without question the best preserved exampel of a modest but by no means poor Sønderho home, from the time, when Fanø was the homeport for a large sailingship fleet. The contents of the house are of unmeasurable cultural and historical worth.

The contents of the house have been in constant use until Karen in 1965 had to move to live with her sister Widow Maren Thompsen. The two sisters have with great reverance kept and preserved their childhood home. 

The Agency for Culture and Palaces has declared the house a Listed Building, which means that the house remains as it is both inside and outside.

Hanne and the artists

Well known scenes

Heinrich Dohn: "Hanne Sørensen", 1920
Painter and Professor Julius Exner (1825 - 1910) found in these modest surroundings scenes for many of his paintings.

Painter Heinrich Dohm (1875 - 1940) later became a treasured guest of the house, and many of his farewell gifts can be seen in the rooms. Amongst these a photo of a painting "The King Rides Over The Border", which hangs in the Danish Parliament, a photo of his painting "The Great White Flock", which hangs in the chapel of Holmens Church graveyard and a painting of Hanne.
Fonden Gamle Sønderho, Landevejen 98 
DK-6720 Sønderho Fanø, Denmark
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